Sales-oriented. Measurable. Sustainable.

Whether you want to find new customer groups or expand your existing sales channels: We understand the requirements of B2B target audiences groups across all levels of the ITC-value chain. We create personalised solutions based on your requirements, without losing sight of the cost. And we tell your stories in a clear, comprehensive way that makes the relevant target audience listen, understand and react.

Manufacturers, distributors and system integrators alike have come to appreciate our professional, cooperative and goal-driven way of work. Here’s an overview of what we can do for you:


Research & Assessment

  • Assessment of current market share, visibility and positioning of your company, products and services in your target markets, customer audiences and ICT sales channels
  • Research and analysis of your performance in the ITC channel, satisfaction of clients and partners, channel penetration and brand awareness
  • Comparisons with current market realities
  • Assessment of requirements and deriving measures

Creation & Implementation

  • Partner recruitment programs
  • Channel and market communications
  • Continuous reseller programs
  • Lead generation and qualification of existing leads
  • Re-activation programs
  • Software tools for partner- and sales management
    Scalable marketing campaigns
    Communication and PR activities
    Channel workshops, sales training & packaged seminars
    Roundtable discussions & presentations
    Change Management - with our Prosci Certified Change Practitioner

Content & Multiplication

We tell your story in a way which makes it clear and understandable for your target audiences.

  • Company profiles
  • Articles for ITC and business media, customer magazines and special interest publications (both print and online)
  • Blogs and social media campaigns
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Positioning and presentations 
  • Concept, design and production of complete publications and websites
  • Whitepapers
  • "Ghostwriting" services (specialist articles, speeches, etc.)
  • Blogs and Social Media

Campaigns & Agency Services

We not only advise, but also take care of implementing your measures. Including everything that comes with it, from graphics and design to central coordination, production and performance reviews.

  • Concept, design and production/implementation of marketing, advertising and PR campaigns
  • Management of all involved agencies and service providers
  • Trustee-management of marketing budgets
  • Planning and placement of media services

Events & Workshops

We support system houses, service providers and IT consultants in developing their business through workshops, seminars and informational events, especially in the fields of

  • Sales and marketing optimization
  • Digital business models
  • Compliance

Let’s talk about your plans, perspectives and requirements!


We support system houses, service providers and IT consultants in their business development through workshops, seminars and information events for the optimization of sales and marketing and digital business models, which we conduct together with you and/or with neutral partners.